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Keiba News

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Delivered on August 20, 2023

Keiba News

Win up to 10,000 yen worth of betting money! (August)

A lucky draw every day!! On August 12 (Saturday), 13 (Sunday), 19 (Saturday), 20 (Sunday), and 26 (Saturday), there is a chance to win betting money when purchasing the final races of Saga Keiba and Kochi Keiba!

From the eligible participants, a lucky draw will be conducted and the following betting money will be awarded:

10,000 yen… 10 winners per day × 5 days
5,000 yen… 20 winners per day × 5 days
1,000 yen… 100 winners per day × 5 days
100 yen… 500 winners per day × 5 days

* A lucky draw will be conducted each day during the period
* As it is a daily lucky draw, the same person may win multiple times within this promotion

Please refer to the campaign page for more details.

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